Welcome to White Rabbit.

This site will give you the opportunity to win fantastic prizes.

The Deals found here on this site will have a 100/1 win ratio however there will be special occasions when there will be more tickets due to the high value of the price so the win ratio will be higher.

The number of tickets and the prices is always made clear for you so you know exactly what your paying and the odds of winning. Once all the tickets are sold, the draw for the winner will be made. you can but multiple tickets for a mega deal on offer. The raffle will be done through another company the renowned RAFFAL site/app. RAFFAL have no business connections with White Rabbit. White Rabbit has been set up to give everybody a honest chance of winning some great stuff. There are prizes and deals for all age groups and new deals will be updated due to demand and request.

Consoles & Toys
Electronics & Phones

Find Fantastic Deals on Kids toys.

From PS4 to XBOX  find mind blowing deals here.

Your baby deserves the best and that's whats on offer.

We have unbelievable cinema experience deals, P.C packs that will blow your mind and Phone deals that are too good to be true.

Go-Kart packs to motocross to jet skis its all here.


New Kitchen? Doing up a Bedroom? the deal that could save you a fortune is right here.

Relaxing in your own Jacuzzi after the kids are in bed sound good?

Your own outdoor pool for the kids? your one ticket away.

Fancy a new golf set? or fancy setting up your man cave with a pool table? loads of fantastic deals to pick from.

From New Look vouchers to Gold watches, crazy deals that will blow your mind.

Once you have won we will contact you through
e-mail. Due to the Prizes and deals the delivery will be dependent on yourself. As the business grows this will be Incorporated in the deals but for now the prizes will be collection only. Contacting White Rabbit we will be more than happy to arrange a deal to arrange a collection/delivery idea you have.
Another feature that White Rabbit offer is that once you have won, we will offer you a cash sum for your prize. So if you win something that you think you haven't thought about we give you the choice to take a cash offer. For instance you win a 8' x 8' Hot Tub but don't have anywhere to put it White Rabbit will offer you cash.