White Rabbit has been designed to give people a realistic chance of winning some great prizes.

White Rabbit works on small profit margins relying on selling lots of tickets to achieve this.

We will keep creating Packs and deals that we believe you our valued customers want.


What happens once i see a deal i want?

Once you find a deal that attracts you simply click on the picture or the button if the option is there.

Then you will be directed to the Raffle.

You don't need to download the RAFFALL app.

Once on RAFFALL the site you will have the raffle on your screen.

You will input your details so we can contact you once you win.


Using your PayPal account you will buy as many tickets as you wish.

You will be asked to answer a question or a puzzle, these are very easy, like "what colour is a smurf?"

You will be able to see how many other tickets have been sold, all the other buyers of their tickets and how many they have bought.

once you have purchased your ticket it then is a case of just waiting for all tickets to be sold.

The White Rabbit Raffles are private Raffles and ONLY other customers through White Rabbit can see or enter.

Who is Raffall?

RAFFALL is the company that White Rabbit has chosen to use.

White Rabbit has chosen RAFFALL due to its professional site.

We have chosen a outside site to run the Raffle as this helps reassure the integrity of White Rabbit.

RAFFALL won't authorize release of the payment of the tickets through PayPal  until you confirm that you are happy with your prize.

RAFFALL only host the raffle.

The Raffle is private and will only share any information with other competitors in the Raffle.


What happens if i win?

Once all the tickets have been sold the draw is made.

Great News you've won.

Now what?

RAFFALL or White Rabbit will contact you to let you know.

Now White Rabbit will need to arrange a delivery with you.

Before we do that White Rabbit will make you a cash offer for you prize. This cash offer will go straight into your Bank Account.

If you still want your great prize then we will arrange the delivery collection any way that suits you best.

How does the payment work

To purchase your ticket you will register through PayPal.

PayPal will keep your money.

White Rabbit will not receive any payment until you are satisfied and authorize PayPal to pass your money over.


once you have received your prize and are happy you will be asked to confirm this to PayPal only then can White Rabbit receive the money from the raffle.